Which Book Is Best For Current Affairs?

Best Books of GK and Current Affairs-2019

  • Lucent’s GK. Authored by Dr. Binay karna and R.P Suman. Review Rating: 4.4/5 ( By 2295 customers on Amazon) Buy Now.
  • Arihant ‘s GK – 2019-2020. Authored by Manohar Pandey. Review Rating: 4/5 (896 customers on Amazon) Buy Now.
  • Manorama Yearbook 2019. Authored by Mammen Mathew, Philip Mathew. Review Rating: 4/5. Buy Now.

Which book is best for monthly current affairs?

Best Magazines for IAS Exam Preparation

  1. Yojana. Yojana is a monthly magazine published by the Publications Division of the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.
  2. Kurukshetra.
  3. Economic and Political Weekly.
  4. Down to Earth.
  5. Pratiyogita Darpan.
  6. Civil Services Times.
  7. Geography and You.
  8. Competition Success Review.

Which book is best for yearly current affairs?

In this article, we give you a list of current affairs books for UPSC prelims exam.

  • Manorama Yearbook.
  • Mathrubhumi Yearbook.
  • Current Affairs For IAS (PRE) – S A Majid.
  • Concise General Knowledge Manual – Barry O’Brien.
  • India Yearbook – Publication Division (GOI)
  • Yojana Magazine.
  • Kurukshetra Magazine.
  • Economic Survey.

Which is the best website for current affairs?

Here is a list of 10 best online sources for reliable information and content on current affairs –

  1. GK Today.
  2. Exam Bazar.
  3. Jagran Josh.
  4. Current Affairs Funda.
  5. Current Affairs Today.
  6. PagalGuy.
  7. Gr8 Ambitionz.
  8. Bankers Daily.

Which book is best for current affairs 2017?

Best Current Affairs Books for 2016-2017

Sr.No.Name of BookPublication
2India Yearbook 2016 HindiMinistry of I&B
3Manorama Yearboook EnglishMalayala Manorama Group
4Manorama Yearbook HindiMalayala Manorama Group
5General Knowledge 2017Ramesh Publishing House

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Which monthly magazine is best for current affairs?

Yojana is one of the best monthly current affairs magazine for the IAS Exam. It deals with socio-economic issues which are significant from the Indian perspective.

How can I prepare for IAS current affairs?

Current affairs preparation tips for IAS

  • Reading the newspaper every day is vital for your preparation.
  • Learn to read the newspaper effectively.
  • Use current affairs magazines to cover any area or news that you might have skipped or missed.
  • Take practice Tests/Quizzes daily.
  • Watch the news.

Which GK book is best?

Here are the best GK books:

  1. General Study: 14,000+ Objective. This book is one of the best gk books you can go for when it comes to your competitive exam preparation.
  2. GK 2018.
  3. Lucent’s General Knowledge Book 2018.
  4. Manorama Yearbook 2018.
  5. General Study Paper-I.
  6. General Study Manual Paper-I.
  7. Objective General Knowledge.

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Which is the best book for competitive exams?

Which book is best for competative exam like SSC CGL, Railway,Bank,etc. of English Grammar?

  • Arihant’s. Fast Track Objective Arithmetic.
  • Objective. General English by S P Bakshi (Arihant)
  • Analytical. Reasoning by M K Pandey.
  • Manorama. Yearbook.
  • NCERT. books.
  • Quantitative.
  • Magical.
  • Objective.

Which is the best site for current affairs for bank exams?

The best online website for current affairs for all competitive exam is the Vidya Guru. It is the best online coaching.

Which is best website for daily current affairs?

Try the Awesummly app and be informed and updated. The best online website for current affairs for all competitive exam is the Vidya Guru.

  1. The Hindu.
  2. banking daily current affairs.
  3. UPSC Daily Current Affairs.
  4. Vyoma.
  5. Education Satguru – GK and Current Affairs Website.

Which is the best source for current affairs?

There many other resources through which you can prepare for GK and current affairs. They are: Newspapers: Newspapers is the best way to prepare for current affairs. Regular reading makes you aware of political, national, business, sports, regional and national happenings.

Which book is best for general studies?

10 Books referred by toppers to clear IAS preliminary exam

  • Indian Polity for Civil Services Examinations by M. Laxmikanth (Polity)
  • Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania.
  • Oxford School Atlas by Oxford Publishers.
  • Certificate Physical and Human Geography by Goh Cheng Leong.
  • Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh.
  • Economic Survey by Ministry of Finance.

How many months are current affairs for IAS 2019?

9 months

How many months are current affairs for IAS?

The question should actually be “How many months current affairs for IAS Prelims 2018 is required?” Usually, we advise candidates’ to start their preparation a year before, in a similar way, we recommend covering the issues in the news from 18 months or at least 12 months prior the UPSC Exam.

Which site is best for current affairs for UPSC?

Best IAS Websites for UPSC Civil Services Exam Online Preparation

  1. ClearIAS.com.
  2. cleariasexam.com.
  3. Mrunal.org.
  4. insightsonindia.com.
  5. iasbaba.com.
  6. byjus.com.
  7. iasscore.in.
  8. unacademy.com.

How can I prepare for current affairs and GK?

Thus, to aid your preparation you can attempt Oliveboard’s GK tests which cover the following topics:

  • Current Affairs.
  • Banking & Insurance.
  • Computer Knowledge.
  • Polity & Governance.
  • Culture, Books & Awards.
  • Countries and Capitals.
  • Geography.
  • Dates and Committees.

When should we stop reading newspaper before prelims?

Tip – You can reduce time for reading newspapers before 15 days of the exam. But do not cut it completely, even 15-20 mins glance at news would suffice during last 15 days. But make sure, you cover this news after exam, in detail.