What Is CRN In Bank?

Your CRN is the number under your name on your Debit/Credit Card.

SMS CRN to 9971056767 from your registered mobile number to know your CRN.

How do I find my CRN number?

CRN is your Customer Relationship Number – We use it as primary identifier. You can know your CRN by sending SMS – CRN to 9971056767 or 5676788 from your registered mobile number.

Is CRN and account number the same?

So in nutshell, a CID is more like your own identification number and bank account number is just the particular account number. CRN stands for Customer Relationship Number.

Is it safe to share CRN number?

Yes, it is safe to share your CIF number with someone from the bank as the number is coded for transparent banking and avoid confusion. There are many other pieces in banking that should be held confidential and the information should not be shared with anyone even the customer care executive.

How can I register for Net banking in Kotak Mahindra Bank?

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