Question: What Is A Puff In A Magazine?

Puffs Definition of a puff- An incentive which is placed on the cover to make something stand out.

Usually by putting text into a shape.

This sticker which can be seen in almost every magazine and is used for promoting something inside the magazine is known as a puff (almost like a puff of information).

What is a plug in a magazine?

A magazine plug, usually made of plastic or wood, is inserted in the tubular magazine and limits the number of shells a shotgun may hold.

What is a main image in a magazine?

Main Image.

The main image dominates. the front cover, its usually a medium close-up or close-up, sometimes the image covers part of the masthead but is always in direct address to the reader.

What is a selling line on a magazine?

Sell Lines  Sell Lines are conventions of magazines which will get people wanting to buy it! Like in this Top Gear magazine the main sell line is ‘New Veyron’ which is a buzz word as this is because it is a world famous car which many people would like to read about. It attracts the audiences and sells the magazine.

What is Anchorage text on a magazine cover?

It can also tell the reader which company distributes the magazine. Anchorage text – usually found underneath the headline and helps the customers understand the headline and the main image. Puff – an incentive which is place on the cover to make something stand out. Usually by putting text around a shape.