What Can I Do With Old Magazines UK?

Here’s What to Do With That Stack of Magazines You No Longer Have Space For

  • Donate Them. If your issues are up to date and still have a little life left in them, donate them to a local library, nursing home, hospital, or women’s shelter in your area.
  • Share Them With Schools.
  • Post Them on Freecycle.
  • Sell Them.
  • Recycle Them.

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Does anyone take old magazines?

Also, your magazine donations can be appreciated by others. Donating old magazines can make interesting reading material for people waiting for doctor’s appointments. Donated magazines can give friends and family members of hospital patients a few moments’ respite, a chance to get their minds off weightier things.

Where can I dispose of old magazines?

Here are the top seven places to consider, in no particular order, when you decide to donate magazines to charity or another organization or business.

  1. Your Local Library.
  2. Nursing Homes And Retirement Communities.
  3. Military Troops.
  4. Women Or Family Shelters.
  5. Doctor And Dentist Offices, Hospitals And Other Waiting Rooms.

Is it worth keeping old magazines?

Generally, no. Unless you have space and keeping old magazines gives you pleasure, then sure. But don’t collect them because you expect that they will be worth something someday. Now go to eBay and find that magazine from your birth month and year.

Can you recycle magazines UK?

Can I recycle magazines? Yes, magazines can be recycled with other paper items and will be collected by your local authority curbside. Donate them to local doctors or dentist surgeries. Schools may be able to make use of them creatively.