Quick Answer: How Do You Say Let You Know Professionally?

Is saying for your information rude?


“FYI” “FYI” is just rude and can easily become a tool in passive aggressive communication when forwarding an email from someone else – “FYI, you should know about this”.

Make your intention clear so that the other person doesn’t start to question the hidden meaning of “FYI”..

How do you say but in a formal way?

To see the formal synonyms of ‘although’, click here.However, Is used in the same way as ‘but’, but it is generally followed by a comma and is normally used (but not always) at the beginning of a sentence to contrast what was stated/said in the previous sentence. … Nevertheless, Used like ‘however’. … Nonetheless,

Is speaking of formal?

“Speaking of which” is really a transitional expression. In more formal speech or writing, it would translate to “as for xxx,” or “regarding xxx,” for example. quote: Another way to say it would be Speaking of that.

How do you say just to let you know formally?

just letting you knowjust so you know. phr.just to let you know. phr.just for your information. phr.just want you to know. phr.just so that you know. phr.let you guys know. phr.for your reference.well.More items…

How do you say by the way formally?

‘Incidentally’ could be the perfect formal substitute for ‘by the way’….Some other alternatives are:In addition.Furthermore.As well.Moreover.

What can I say instead of just?

What is another word for just?fairhonestdecentuprightequitableethicalrighteousgoodimpartialunbiased224 more rows

What to say instead of I wanted to let you know?

What is another word for just to let you know?for your informationFYII’d like to bring to your attentionI’d like to notify youit should be mentioned thatjust so you knowjust so you’re awareso you knowfor your attentionfor your perusal

Is kindly rude?

There is nothing intrinsically negative or rude about the word; the definition is simply “in a kind manner”. … It’s certainly not rude, but it’s almost pretentious in an email. It’s something that was used in typed bills and letters long before computers such as – kindly remit payment at your soonest.

How do you say just so you know politely?

just so you knowi want you to know. phr.just know. phr.i just want you to know. phr.i wanted you to know. phr.i need you to know. phr.for your information. phr.i just wanted you to know. phr.just for the record. phr.More items…

How do you say heads up professionally?

heads-upadmonishment,admonition,alarm.(also alarum),alert,caution,forewarning,notice,More items…

What is another way to say by the way?

What is another word for by the way?incidentallyas an asidein passingen passantfunnily enoughspeaking of whichby the byby the byeanother thingwhile on the subject13 more rows