Quick Answer: Is AARP Worth It 2019?

Is AARP Worth It?

The American Association of Retired Persons is a members-only organization for Americans as they get older and into retirement age.

Even though the yearly AARP membership fee is $16, it might be worth it if you think you’ll frequently take advantage of AARP’s benefits and resources.

What are the advantages of being an AARP member?

One of the main advantages of an AARP membership is that you can join at age 50, whereas most senior discounts we found started at 55 or older. AARP memberships also offer other perks. For example, if you’re married, your spouse will automatically get a free membership.

What discounts do you get with AARP?

As a participating retailer in AARP® Vision Discounts provided by EyeMed, LensCrafters offers members exclusive savings, including a $55 eye exam, 30% off a complete pair of eyeglasses, and an extra 10% off Transitions® lenses with a frame purchase.

How much does it cost to join AARP for a year?

The cost to join AARP is surprisingly low, to the point that you really don’t have to give it that much thought. The regular price is $16/year, but if you sign up for multiple years at a time or enroll in automatic renewal, the cost could be as low as $12/year.

Is AARP free?

In fact, there are no age restrictions for joining AARP, so anyone can enjoy the benefits of membership. For the low price of $16 per year (which is reduced to $12 if you sign up for auto-renewal), you can access all of the benefits available to AARP members—and you can add your spouse to the membership for free.