How Is Magazine Paper Made?

For decades, glossy paper, the type used in magazines, was made using a white clay called kaolin (named after the Chinese region Kao-Ling where it was mined to produce porcelain).

The clay is used to fill the spaces between the fibers in the paper and to coat the paper so that it will have a smooth surface.

What paper is used to make magazines?

For glossy magazines typical paper is LWC (Light Weight Coated). The GSM is about 60. It also depends upon type of magazine, We have seen people / publishers using as high as 170 GSM Glossy Art Paper for exclusive magazines.

How are magazines printed?

Most magazines are printed either sheet or (more likely) web-offset. Very long-run magazines (millions of impressions) are printed on gravure presses. Shorter-run magazines (less than perhaps 1,000 copies) can be printed via inkjet presses. What type of paper is used for printing glossy magazines?

How is paper coated made?

Coated papers have a smooth clay coating applied over a freesheet or groundwood base paper. The base paper is made first, then put through a “bath” of clay coating or coated while running on a machine, with a blade and calender rollers smoothing out the coating on the paper.

Is glossy paper coated?

Coated paper has a matte or glossy finish. It’s usually very smooth with a slight shine, sometimes with a high shine. Regardless of how much the stock shines, the coated paper makes your colors appear brighter. Another advantage of coated paper stock is its resistance to wear and tear, water, and dirt.

What is the best paper for magazine printing?

What Are Some of the Paper Types to Choose From?

  • Lightweight Coated and Medium Weight Coated Magazine Papers.
  • Supercalendered Magazine Paper.
  • Woodfree Coated Magazine Papers.
  • Gloss Magazine Papers.
  • Matte Magazine Papers.
  • Silk Magazine Papers.

Can you print a magazine at home?

Printing magazines at home: 80 lb gloss text at an office supply store. If you want to print and bind a magazine at home, you can order a thicker gloss paper weight. You can buy 80 lb gloss paper—for printing and binding a magazine at home—at Staples (click here to buy 80 lb gloss text at Staples).

What paper weight are magazines printed?

Paper weight refers to the weight of a ream of standard cut paper . Typically, magazines use 50-, 60- or 70-lb. paper for the interior pages with an 80- or 100-lb. “cover stock” for the front cover.

How many pages should a magazine have?

(Magazines are usually done in page increments of 8 starting with a minimum of 16 pages signatures. It is most cost effective to create your layouts in multiples of 16 (16, 32, 48, etc) because the printer’s form is often 16 pages at a time, 32 pages if the magazine is digest size.

What are gun magazines made of?

Most magazines use a spring and follower inside to push the ammunition into the gun. Magazines may be made out of metal or plastic.