Question: How Do You Get Your First Read On Amazon?

Amazon First Reads Kindle books can be read on any compatible Kindle device or free Kindle reading app and become part of customers’ permanent libraries.

Joining is free with no purchase obligation.

By joining, you receive a monthly e-mail announcing new Amazon First Reads picks.

Is Amazon first read free?

First Reads provides early access to editors’ picks from Amazon Publishing. It’s free to join and enables you to choose one Kindle book each month for $1.99 and to shop hardcovers for $9.99 or less. Amazon Prime members can pick one book for free each month. Amazon First Reads is available to U.S. customers only.

How do I get my free book from Amazon Prime?

Prime members can borrow one book from Kindle Owners’ Lending Library each calendar month.

To borrow a book:

  • From your device, open the Kindle Store.
  • Locate an eligible title to borrow.
  • Select Read for Free. If you’ve already borrowed a book, you are prompted to return that book before you can borrow a new title.

Do you get one free book a month with Amazon Prime?

Amazon First Reads allows Prime members to download one free book each month from a selection of six editors’ picks. New titles are announced at the start of each month and publicized in the weekly Prime newsletter.

What is Kindle first and how much does it cost?

Known as Kindle First, the new program announced Friday offers a select number of titles that cost $1.99 for regular buyers but are free to Prime members.