How Do I Subscribe To A Magazine?


  • Look at websites that offer subscriptions to magazines. Often, you don’t have to order directly from the website to subscribe to a magazine.
  • Go to the magazine’s website.
  • Enter your information.
  • Select what type of subscription you want.
  • Enter your payment information.
  • Wait for the magazine or read online.

How do you cancel a magazine subscription?

Cancel a Magazine Subscription

  1. Go to the Magazine Subscription Manager.
  2. Locate the magazine in your list of current magazine orders.
  3. Click Cancel subscription.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your change.

How long does it take to get a magazine subscription?

The delivery of your first issue depends on the publication frequency of the magazine you ordered. Generally, publishers ask that you allow: Weekly magazines: 4-6 weeks. Monthly magazines: 6-8 weeks.

How much is a magazine subscription?

Every so often, a daily deal website features magazine titles for cheap – around $5 for an annual subscription. When compared to a $5 monthly subscription, you can save $55 per year.

How can I get cheap magazines?

Use these tips to ​save money on all of your must-have magazine subscriptions,

  • Watch for Free Subscription Offers. Photo © Erin Huffstetler.
  • Hit the Discount Magazine Sites.
  • Hang onto Your Intro Rate.
  • Snag a Multi-Year Discount.
  • Cash in Your Rewards.
  • Head to the Library.
  • Swap with Friends.
  • Watch the Daily Deal Sites.

5 May 2019

How do I stop automatic renewal of magazines?

You decide

Most importantly, you are in control – you can cancel your subscription at any time simply by calling 1-800-MAGAZINES. If you do not prefer Automatic Renewal Service, just call 1-800-MAGAZINES and we’ll change your subscriptions to allow you to renew them yourself.

How do I cancel my Oprah magazine subscription?

You may cancel at any time by contacting customer service at 1-866-399-6820 M-F 8 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. CST and receive a refund for the remaining time left on the membership.

What are the best magazine subscriptions?

Starting at $1 per issue: best-selling magazine subscriptions See more deals

  1. Family Handyman. Trusted Media Brands, Inc. 2,028. $3.75.
  2. National Geographic Kids. National Geographic Partners LLC. 1,040. $15.00.
  3. National Geographic Little Kids. National Geographic Partners LLC. 391. $15.00.

Does Amazon sell magazine subscriptions?

The print magazine portion of a subscription, even subscriptions not purchased from that are available in the Amazon Magazines store, can be managed in the Magazine Subscription Manager.

What is a magazine subscription?

The right to receive issues of a magazine or periodical in exchange for money. For example, a consumer might pay an annual fee to receive issues of a business magazine.

Where can I get free magazines?

Instead of paying those high subscription fees, check out these seven great sites where you can snag these mags for free or very cheap:

  • Here on KCL!
  • Mercury Magazines.
  • Recyclebank.
  • RewardsGold.
  • ValueMags.
  • Amazon.
  • Best Deal Magazines.
  • e-Rewards.

What are the 3 types of magazines?

The three types of periodicals are popular, which includes newspapers and magazines of general interest; trade publications which appeal to a smaller, more specific audience and scholarly, which may be of limited interest to the general public with articles written by scholars or researchers.

How do I order magazine subscriptions?

To order a magazine subscription:

  1. Shop the Magazine Subscriptions store on
  2. Click Add to cart and then Proceed to checkout.
  3. Visit the Magazine Subscription Manager to view the subscription information and details.

Are there any free magazine subscriptions?

All the free magazines and subscriptions I’ve listed below are indeed free. There are no strings attached, and you’ll never receive a bill. They will not automatically renew. Never, ever give your credit card number when you signing up for a free magazine subscription.

Does Amazon Prime have free magazines?

Kindle First lets Prime members download and keep one free pre-release eBook each month. (And yes, you can read on any device with the Kindle App.) Get a free snack or vitamin on us. Next time you’re shopping on Amazon, here’s something extra just for Prime members.

What can I do with my old magazines?

Top 7 Places To Donate Magazines When Decluttering Your Home

  • Your Local Library.
  • Nursing Homes And Retirement Communities.
  • Military Troops.
  • Women Or Family Shelters.
  • Doctor And Dentist Offices, Hospitals And Other Waiting Rooms.
  • Preschools And Daycare Centers For Use In Crafts.
  • Swap Magazines With Your Friends And Family.

How do I unsubscribe from TME magazine?

If you would like to update your billing information and charge card number, change your subscription, or cancel your subscription, we offer multiple options: Automated Phone Line (24hrs x 7): (877) 516-2380. Live Customer Service Line (9am – 10pm ET): (877) 632-3189. Email:

How do you know when your magazine subscription expires?

The month-end expiration date of your subscription can be found on your magazine label above your name. You can also view your expiration date in your account summary via

“a consumer who accepts an automatic renewal or continuous service offer online shall be allowed to terminate the automatic renewal or continuous service exclusively online, which may include a termination email formatted and provided by the business that a consumer can send to the business without additional