Quick Answer: How Do I Stop Someone From Using My Address?

How to Stop Someone From Using My Address for Deliveries

  • Write “Not at this Address” on the envelope or piece of mail you receive.
  • Place the mail back in the mailbox and leave for the mailman to pick up.
  • Contact the USPS office in your area to speak to a representative and file a complaint if you are still receiving unwanted mail.

Is it against the law to use someone else’s address?

Short Answer: It is not always explicitly illegal for someone to use your mailing address. However, allowing someone else to use your address or using someone else’s mailing address as your own may be considered address fraud. Address fraud is a serious crime punishable by jail time in some areas.

Is it illegal for someone to use my address without permission?

It is not illegal per se to use someone else’s address without their consent. However, the REASON they are using the address could be where the illegal conduct arises. Just the mere event of using the address though is not illegal.

Can I sue someone for using my address?

Is it possible to sue someone for using your address for the purpose of committing fraud? If someone uses your ID in an effort to commit fraud, this is a criminal act. If they do not actually manage to harm you, then there would be no basis for a lawsuit, because lawsuits require damages (generally.)

Can I receive mail at someone else’s address?

If the Mail Is Delivered to the Wrong Address

It is not illegal to open someone’s mailbox (as long as it’s not locked), and it’s not illegal to personally forward mail to the correct address as long as the mail has proper postage. You could also knock on their door and hand it to them if you know them.