Question: How Do I Send Money To An Inmate Through Western Union?

Call 1-800-CALL-CASH (1-800-225-5227) to send money using a credit3 or debit card.


Follow the prompts and provide the requested information.

You’ll need the correctional facility name, inmate’s account number, inmate’s complete name & send amount.

How do I send Western Union to an inmate?

How/Where to Send

  • At a Western Union location. Locate the nearest agent by calling 1-800-325-6000 or visiting:
  • Over the phone. Call 1-800-634-3422 and choose option 2.
  • Online. Please visit and select “Quick Collect.”

How do I send money to an inmate?

Ways to send money

  1. Online payments. You can send money to an inmate/offender online using
  2. Over the phone. To send money to an inmate/offender over the phone just call: 1-800-574-5729.
  3. MoneyGram. If you wish to send cash you can use MoneyGram.
  4. Money Order.
  5. Lobby kiosk.

Can you Western Union JPay?

You can now send funds to your loved ones in Federal prison (BOP) through, using the free JPay Mobile App for iPhone and Android, in-person at MoneyGram agent locations, or by calling 1-800-574-5729. You’ll then be redirected to create a JPay account or log into your current account.

Is it illegal to send money to an inmate?

It is not illegal. You can send money to any inmate you want. As often as you want.