Question: How Do I Get My Content On Apple News?

Any magazine, newspaper or blog in the UK, US or Australia can sign up to become an Apple News Publisher.

This will let you create your own custom news feed within the popular app.

Go to, scroll to the bottom, then click Sign Up Now.

Sign into your iCloud account with your Apple ID.

How do I access magazines on Apple news?

Accessing Back Issues Through a Magazine’s Overview Page

  • Open up Apple News.
  • Select the Apple News+ section.
  • Tap on any magazine that you want to read.
  • Tap on the title of the magazine at the top of the app.

How do you add a subscription to Apple news?

How to Subscribe to Publications in Apple News

  1. Open the News app.
  2. When you come across a story that requires a subscription you don’t have, you’ll see the orange text below the publication name that says Subscription. Tap on one of those stories to sign up.
  3. If you’re already a subscriber, tap Already a Subscriber and log in.
  4. Otherwise, tap Subscribe Now.

How do I get my blog on Apple news?

Adding a blog to Apple News with just an RSS or Atom feed can be accomplished in a few quick steps:

  • First, head to the Apple News sign-up portal.
  • Next, enter your publisher information.
  • After setting up your personal News Publisher account, you’ll be able set up a “channel” for your blog.