Question: How Do I Get Magazines On My Kindle?

Click on the “Magazines” option on the Kindle interface.

It should be the third option under the word “Browse,” under “Books” and “Newspapers.” If you want to search for the magazine, go to the bottom search box and type in the title of the magazine.

Click “Enter” to search.

How do I get free magazines on Kindle?

Access to digital versions of your magazine subscription is determined by the publisher. Select an eligible title from the Newsstand on your Fire tablet, and then tap Verify your subscription to get the Kindle edition for free.

How do I access Kindle Unlimited magazines?

Download a Kindle Unlimited Title

  • Open the Kindle Store.
  • Access the Kindle Unlimited catalog: Kindle e-readers: Select All Categories, and then select Kindle Unlimited. Fire tablets: Select Kindle Unlimited. Kindle reading apps: Select Kindle Unlimited.
  • Choose a title, and then select Read for Free. Eligible titles will have a Kindle Unlimited logo:

Can you read magazines on a Kindle Paperwhite?

Periodicals such as newspapers and magazines, on the other hand, usually contain a number of articles grouped by section. Readers often choose to skip around among sections and articles. Fortunately, the Kindle Paperwhite has several special features to enhance the experience of reading periodicals.

How do I cancel a magazine subscription on my Kindle?

To cancel a magazine subscription:

  1. Go to the Magazine Subscription Manager.
  2. Locate the magazine in your list of current magazine orders.
  3. Click Cancel subscription.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your change.