Do People Still Read Print Magazines?

These days it’s impossible to go very long without reading or hearing about how smartphones and tablets are replacing printed materials.

But while it’s 100% true in many respects, there’s one medium where print still reigns: magazines.

Those young adults aren’t just picking up magazines every now and then, either.

Are magazines still profitable?

Plus, magazines are an incredibly lucrative cash business once yours is profitable. According to Husni, average profit margins for magazine businesses range from 10 percent to 30 percent. Husni says that of the magazines that fail, 70 percent never make it past their first issue.

Are magazines a dying industry?

Yes in many ways. You’ll still see magazines but their presence will steadily decline over time. Many of the niche industry magazines will probably transition to a digital format. A few of the magazines that still have a chance of surviving are the very high end magazines.

How often do you read magazines?

Daily newspapers, and Time, US News and People magazines. Yes, I read the Chicago Tribune front section (at the minimum) every day, and usually other sections. I also read Time magazine regularly. I probably read these on an average of 45 minutes a day.

What percentage of magazines are ads?

The percentage of ad pages in magazines has ranged between 45 percent and 51 percent over the past 10 years, according to Magazine Publishers of America. In 2007, advertising was 47 percent of all magazine pages, up from 45 percent in 2001 but down from 51 percent in 1997.