Question: Can You Recycle Magazines With Staples?

A: Paper with staples and paper clips can still be recycled, curbside and at the Transfer Station Recycling Center, with other mixed paper.

A: You can recycle all of your mixed paper, including books, magazines, newspapers, junk mail and cardboard, in the same bag.

How do you dispose of staples?

You need to remove tape from cardboard, but staples can be left in. Place any staples you need to remove from paper in a designated jar or pot. Then, encourage your work colleagues or family members to do the same, to prevent staples from ending up in the trash or loosely on the floor.

Can you recycle magazines?

Some consumers think glossy paper can’t be recycled. That may have been true in the early days of recycling, but no longer. With today’s recycling technology, nearly all community recycling programs accept glossy magazines and catalogs for recycling.

Can you recycle cardboard with staples?

Shiny or glossy cardboard can be recycled with regular cardboard. Staples and tape are not problems—they’ll come out in the screens during the sorting process. If you can tear off wads of tape, please do, but removing staples is unnecessary.

What do you do with used magazines?

Top 7 Places To Donate Magazines When Decluttering Your Home

  • Your Local Library.
  • Nursing Homes And Retirement Communities.
  • Military Troops.
  • Women Or Family Shelters.
  • Doctor And Dentist Offices, Hospitals And Other Waiting Rooms.
  • Preschools And Daycare Centers For Use In Crafts.
  • Swap Magazines With Your Friends And Family.

What does Staples accept for recycling?

You can recycle electronics, regardless of brand or where the items were purchased. Staples’ technology recycling program accepts desktop PCs, networks, laptops, tablets, external hard drives, small servers, and all computer monitors.

Do Staples go in the garbage?

Staples & Paper Clips – Believe it or not, equipment at paper mills that recycle recovered paper is designed to remove things like staples and paper clips, so you don’t need to remove them before recycling. It is probably in your best interest to remove paper clips, though, so they can be reused.

Can you donate magazines?

You can donate used magazines to a charitable organization, a school, a community group, a hospital or library. will do its best to help you find a charity in its ever-growing nationwide database that will accept your magazine donations. You can recycle your used magazines.

Can you recycle National Geographic magazines?

People can borrow the magazines not only for research, but for casual reading. Donate them to a medical office. Nearly every doctor’s office will keep magazines in the waiting room for patients to read before their appointment. A donation of your old magazines will likely be appreciated.

Can you recycle magazines for money?

How to Recycle Magazines for Cash. And, unfortunately, it will take tons of paper to make money if your goal is to shepherd unused magazines from the garbage bin to the recycling center. With some time, effort and a sharp pair of scissors, however, you can use old magazines to make money in other ways.

Can magazines be recycled with cardboard?

Both books and magazines fall under the category of mixed paper, which also includes catalogs and phone books. While mixed paper has a lower commodity value (and thus a smaller recycling market) than items like newspapers, office paper and corrugated cardboard, most paper mills in the U.S. will recycle mixed paper.

Can you recycle cardboard boxes with tape on them?

In most cases, cardboard can be recycled, though recycling collectors often require that cardboard boxes be flattened before collection. Things like tape, labels, and other items can all be left on the cardboard (they’ll be removed at the recycling center).

Are egg cartons recyclable?

Egg cartons made of cardboard can be recycled just like other types of cardboard. Foam (commonly called Styrofoam) cartons cannot be recycled at the curb. You can also put cardboard egg cartons in a compost pile. They break down quickly and will help create rich fertilizer for your garden.

How do I get rid of old magazines?

What Do I Do With Old, Unwanted Magazines?

  1. Donate Them. If your issues are up to date and still have a little life left in them, donate them to a local library, nursing home, hospital, or women’s shelter in your area.
  2. Share Them With Schools.
  3. Post Them on Freecycle.
  4. Sell Them.
  5. Recycle Them.

What can I do with old magazines crafts?

Below are ten of our favorite ways to recycle magazine pages into fun craft projects and beautiful pieces of art!

  • Pretend Cookie Tray.
  • Magazine Strip Art.
  • Fall Magazine Tree.
  • Magazine Wreath.
  • Magazine Collage Ornament.
  • Easy Magazine Flowers.
  • Paper Rosette.
  • Homemade Cards.

Where can I get free magazines?

Instead of paying those high subscription fees, check out these seven great sites where you can snag these mags for free or very cheap:

  1. Here on KCL!
  2. Mercury Magazines.
  3. Recyclebank.
  4. RewardsGold.
  5. ValueMags.
  6. Amazon.
  7. Best Deal Magazines.
  8. e-Rewards.